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Love is a Sweet Smelling Incense Cones

Departure 30:34-38 – God straightforwardly shows Moses on the most proficient method to make unadulterated and blessed incense which was to be sacred and unadulterated of which love is. Love should be unadulterated and heavenly, this incense was to be produced using exceptionally uncommon fixings which are:

  1. Stacte – which is the sap from a tree and it addresses overflowing out as drops which shows that the expression of God which is put away within us should overflows out of us in love.
  1. Onycha-a sweet smelling shell found on the shores of the Red Sea in the Indian Ocean the shell is granulated to create a powder. In love onycha addresses brokenness and we discussed brokenness a week ago.
  1. Galbanum-juice of a bush which fills in Africa, Arabia and India it was what held together the incense that was offered to God day by day and constantly in the sanctuary.
  1. Unadulterated Frankincense-a sweet-smelling gum that comes from a tree in India which is valuable and it talks about virtue, to survive, to yell as a yell of commendation. It intends to be euphoric and to be loaded with acclaim

Every one of these fixings are characteristics that are needed of by God and that climb before God as sweet smelling incense. ThisĀ incense cones Holy incense was not to be made by anybody in the camp, it was to be made of equivalent extents of every fixing, so is love it is an amount of a few fixings like brokenness, acclaim immaculateness before God and the blessing of God.

This incense of love consumed the entire day in the sanctuary so is love should consume in our souls throughout the day and night since we offer incense, a sweet smelling flavorful to God when we love. This incense was blended every day similarly as we give God love day by day since it is a way of life not something we do on a Sunday. Morning evening and night we offer God love that is expected his Name.

Every one of these fixings were all valuable and imported structure different locales as they were uncommon in Israel. Brokenness, immaculateness, blessedness, acclaim and the expression of God are characteristics that we need to deal with; these characteristics are uncommon today in love and God needs us to take them in day by day these characteristics must be pursued. Every one of these fixings make up an incense that will precede God day by day and unto god that is worthy love.