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Killing the Golden Goose with Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage jobs have been the training ground of people for un-experienced and unskilled employees. The minimum wage is increased the more jobs reduce. The minimum wage law is self-imposed which is contrary to a free market system and man-made. Even more hurt the newcomer and poor workforce. People get the training required as we remove positions. Many are trapped in poverty for the rest of their lives. Previously people in these roles would appear to jobs. However, the jobs are confronted with emptiness or a chasm between the skill set tasks and the jobs. The class tasks have shrunk so by dumping the unemployed into the skill setsocieties is attempting to feel the emptiness. In a free market this pushes down wages, not up because there are people competing for the tasks. You get what you reap. If you lowered minimum wage you would have more people. Their hiring would improve and expand their companies. Several new companies Start-Ups would spring up around once the price of entry decreases. The Start-Ups that are new would raise the probability of businesses which would cause higher paying and more complex jobs.

Working Nation Is a Healthy Nation

A Country with everybody working is healthier than having people sit at home collecting welfare checks. The employees drain. It takes money. It is unhealthy for the jobless. Not working contributes to depression and loss of self-worth. Plus sitting around results in heart disease and other health difficulties and is hard on the body. So by eliminating thousands of job opportunities much more harm and our Nation does.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Getting your foot in the door has far more advantages than not having a job even if the cover was only 1.00 per hour. Getting hired gives a feeling of importance to a person. It is a stepping stone towards moving up to a much better Salário Mínimo Chile job and better pay and contributes to gaining a skill. Getting in a company’s door is the first step towards a future that is better. You can be recognized for dedication, your honesty, work ethic, people skills and work skills. Many companies will invest time and money to develop an individual’s skill set if said person has a strong work ethic and character. Do not expect to progress in life.

No One Has To Hire You

You have No right to demand what an employer must pay you. You do not have the right. You may go somewhere else. You can start your own firm. You may go to obtain more schooling. A skill can be worked on by you. Some skills you need to pay to be educated. On the job training you get in contrast from firms.