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Hyper Scape hacks: Offers Best Abilities to Use

hyper scape hacks

Looking for an elusive Hyper Scape win? Let us look at some of the best abilities you can use in the load out. The hyper Scape hacks are highly effectively lootable capabilities, which you find around an urban map. You may equip 2 hacks at a time, and swap this out when you fancy different move set. When you are using the Hyper scape guns, it is possible to upgrade the hacks just by finding the multiple copies of a same hack & ‘fusing’ it together. It can normally improve the hack’s effectiveness as well as reduce the cool down so that you will use this quite often.

Playing Safe

There are around 9 hacks to find, and ranging from the healing totems to temporary armour buffs, and more absurd moves such as turning in the bouncing ball and dropping the monolithic wall on a battlefield. Not each ability can suit each playing style, thus if you want to go safe & stay off grind, you will not want to get anything that reveals about your presence like wall, ball, and healing totem.

Obviously it has taken very long for the Hyper Scape to emerge, and also hacks play an important role in an effective load out.

hyper scape hacks

Best hacks for Hyper Scape


In the game with the hitscan weapons and mobility you require hack that helps you stay away from the danger. And Hyper Scape has some options in the department, but none can match Slam for simplicity and potential to turn the defense in attack.


It is highly useful for aggressive players & comes with caveat that you want to deploy it carefully. This wall hack is used best as the delaying tactic, and allowing you seal off the corridor and doorway so you may heal, reload, and revive the teammate.